Cod is the most common fish used in stockfish production, but other whitefish, such as Saithe/Pollock (Sei), Haddock, Ling and Tusk, are also used.

The stockfish is air dried in the cold outdoors on wooden racks in Iceland and Norway. This cold drying process helps the fish to retain all its nutrients without altering it and the fish is left with a concentrated taste.

Iceland and Norway are the best places in the world for Stockfish production because the air must not be too dry and the temperature must be relatively low so that the fish is not is not affected by maggots and flies. The temperature must be warm enough to avoid freezing. A continuous cold, air and wind, with a touch of seaborne saltiness, provides the best results.

The picture above shows the stockfish after it has been allowed to absorb and sit in running cold water that is not above 15 degrees Celsius  for 7 days, the fish returns to its fresh state again

Not only is stockfish rich in nutrient, it has a unique and rich taste. 



  • by Blessing Oladele Posted August 28, 2019

    I love Chenomoks Fish

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